About Právník/ Basic Information

Právník (The Lawyer), the “flagship“ of the Institute, is the oldest legal periodical published in the Czech Republic; since 1861 it embodies the unique tradition of Czech legal scholarship.
As a general law journal, it features articles, discussions and comments on all important developments and relevant issues in legal theory, legal philosophy, international, European and national law and other law-related disciplines. 

It regularly publishes book reviews on current titles, and it also reports on major conferences, seminars, and legal events in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Právník also presents legal materials that pertain to current legal issues. Although Právník addresses especially the Czech audience, foreign readers can take advantage of English summaries of its main articles and studies. 

Právník - Teoretický časopis pro otázky státu a práva
(The Lawyer - Scientific Review for Problems of State and Law)

Právník is published by the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic..

Právník is a monthly periodical.

ISSN 0231-6625, reg. No. E 558

The tables of contents are in English.

Every article has a English abstract and key words.

Právník is a peer-reviewed journal, and it welcomes papers on any topical legal issue.

All pieces to be published in Právník are reviewed by two specialists in the field concerned, mostly members of the board of editors, who decide whether the text is suitable for publication or make comments, which are subsequently sent to the author.

Právník is indexed to the Czech National Bibliography České národní bibliografii (produced by the National Library of the Czech Republic), to the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (produced by the American Association of Law Libraries) and to the database ERIH Plus.

Právník is on the List of Reviewed Czech journals "Seznam recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik vydávaných v ČR".